Our Testimonials

"Robotic Tweet’s knowledge and insight into the Stock market is beyond compare. The daily stock alerts are informative, actionable, and entertaining. Most importantly it is an alert that helps me make money and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about stock markets"

Sunil, Houston -December 2015 


"Robotic Tweet has amazed me with his ability to RT Stock early breakout prices and his stock selection. I didn't know it was possible to be as accurate as RT has been ...."

 Matt, Wisconsin -May 2018

"RT has been accurate in calling the potential stock picks and its prices. It seems that this methodology is aptly suitable for Stock as many emotions and volatility are involved, Brilliant !."

Carole, Canada -August 2016

I have subscribed to numerous subscriptions and reports to help me manage my investments. I have let the vast majority of them lapse. However, Robotic Tweet ’s is one that I would feel naked without. Robotic tweet’s automatic alerts are the best one which is balanced with an astute awareness of the fundamentals at play. Thanks, Robotic Tweet!"

Murali, Dallas - May 2020

"I can honestly say that I am very grateful to have joined his group. It has been a very educational experience for me. Every day I look forward to RT’s buy alerts!! A very fun experience, as well as a profitable one!! I look forward to the many more trades to come!!"

Rohit, Florida - Nov 2017

"I am very pleased with the Robotic Option alerts. I give the information and content a triple-A 5-star rating. I love watching them every morning here in London. Thanks a lot for your RTs which are very accurate."

Srikanth, London - May 2020

"Thanks to your Robotic Tweet!!!! I almost doubled my money in 2-3 weeks. Please sign me for your yearly service. You are the best….best regards."

Azam, Newyork - May 2020

"I've been a subscriber of Robotic Tweet from the start, so I know his ability to RT prices in Stock to be very precise and accurate. RT alerts are in detail when to enter and exit trades. RT has listed his track record above, and it speaks of itself. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to subscribe to his service. The money you make will definitely pay for his monthly service. I believe he is offering a free trial, so try it."

Reddy, Dallas - June 2019

"The Holy Grail of Stock trading! I take pride in being able to call myself a Stock trader! It has taken years to understand the technicals but "The Stock RT" has shown me the strategy!" 

Dinakar, New Jersey - March 2018

"I'm still a new user of the service however the recommendations have been very helpful, especially the advice on when to enter trades."

Chris, Las Vegas - April 2018

"I have been very impressed with the content and buy/sell signals. I have only been a short-time member, but anticipate that my trades will allow 6x profits based on 's past recommendations."

Ravi, Chicago - April 2020

"I have never seen a person so in tune with what they are doing. Robotic Tweet has an incredible gift and a real passion to help people. This has been by far the very best money spent. The learning has opened my eyes to a whole new way of trading. There is now a reason and a great understanding of why I am placing a trade and what to watch for. Thank You."

"I stumbled across your website when I was researching the Stock market. I have heard about breakout but never knew how they work. I found your stock buy alerts to be coherent, logical and professional."

"Thanks, Robotic Tweet for a super job!"

Siva, Dallas - Jan 2020

"I was skeptical about Robotic Tweet at first and then I did the free trial. The results from my free trial showed me that this company is good at what they do and honest about their winner results "

    Raja, Austin - April 2017 

"Excellent picks. Great advice. I would have never guessed how good their system is until I tried their picks myself. I will definitely recommend you to everyone. Thanks."

                                                                               Matthew, Canada - September 2016

"My wife and I dabble in the market and this service is perfect for us. We have the benefit of their research that saves us time and gives us investing options."

    KGSS, India - March 2015

"Robotic tweets are methodical and simplify everything so that even a layman can understand. I appreciate having the knowledge of these pro traders at my disposal."

 Laxmi, Florida - June 2020