1. How do I become a subscriber for RoboticTweet’s subscription services?

Please go to RoboticTweet.com - Sign up page

  1. How do subscribers receive alerts?

All subscribers should install the Telegram Mobile app and create a username and pass it on to us. We will add you to RoboticTweet Paid subscription channel. Once you added, you will receive our stock buy alerts instantly.

  • Note: your Telegram Settings - Privacy and Security, you should allow - Groups an Channels, then only we can add you as our member. Once you get added to our group, you can change the settings.

  1. Is there any FREE Robotic Tweet - Free Telegram Channel?

Yes.  We have a FREE channel- “RoboticTweet_FREE_Broadcast$$$”. Please click the below link to subscribe. 


  1. Is any FREE trial available in RoboticTweet.com?

We offer 2 weeks for just $5 to any user. Sign up here ... https://robotictweet.com/pricing

  1. What is the Robotic Tweet’s Buy alert format?

  1. When to buy the stocks from the above alert message?

As soon as subscribers received alert, subscribers can buy stocks if stocks trade above Breakout price - BP

  1. When NOT to buy stock alert?

If stocks trade below the Breakout -BP price from the above list, subscribers should avoid buying the stock. We will call it as Failed Break out - Failed breakout usually kills the subscriber’s account.

  1. After I buy, what if the stock prices go below the Breakout price?

You should hold the stock, till 4% Stoploss from the Breakout price/ We expect the stock will go up next day morning. Next day morning exit will be perfect if it did not hit stoploss amount


  1.  What is the profit target?

 You can exit any profits based on your money management. But we suggest 6% Profit Target. Please run the profit with a 3% trailing stop. We mostly exit the next day at 10 AM -EST. If Break out inside another Breakout, we will hold the trade for whole day and exit 3rd day. Most of our profits will come from 3-day hold trades.

  1. What is the stop-loss price?

We have mentioned the stop-loss price in the alert.

  1. Are there any past Robotic Tweet alert results anywhere?

Yes. You can see it on our website  - RESULTS page 


  1. Are there any other tips?

  • Please do not put all your money in a single stock. Please pick and buy at least 2-3 stocks from our list so that risk will be distributed.


The stock price should be above the Breakout price when you buy else ignore for      long positions

  •  If you are Day Trader:

  • If you reach your profit target (Preferable 3-5%), we suggest booking profit immediately and move on to the next trade.

  • If it did not reach your profit target, come out at 3:45 PM EST on the same day.

  • Please strictly follow the above stop-loss rules to protect your capital.



  •  If you are Overnight hold – Trader: (ROBOT FOLLOWS OVERNIGHT HOLD)

  • We suggest selling your position on the next market day at 10:00 AM EST.  Most of the time our Robot will exit our trades here.

  • Please keep your stop-loss price to yesterday’s low price of that stock.

  • Please strictly follow the above stop-loss rules to protect your capital.

  • If the stock price goes below Strategy price next day of entry, we advise subscribers to come out to protect your capital. We usually hold even if it goes below Strategy price.