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How We Operate:

Daily, various stocks are monitored by Veera Robot. We have technical analysts who shortlist the stock before even start monitoring!! Buy alert is given by the Robot when it meets our strategy criteria. Veera Robot's special criteria break out strategy is using our custom indicators and 7 other existing indicators. The robot will send out alerts to our customers to buy alerts and short alerts once it meets its criteria.

Symbol (ticker), Strategy price (buy price), and Exit plan will be sent to our subscriber’s inbox by Robot. Our 65-80% of our trade alerts are expected to make profits. We suggest our subscribers follow our Robot to get benefit out of it.

We will send approximately 1-3 (buy alerts) to our subscribers daily. Our buy alerts will start at 10:15 AM EST on market days.

Our subscribers should shortlist stocks from our alerts and buy whichever stock tickers they are comfortable to achieve better results. Please give more preference to the stocks which are at the top of our list. We send continuous alerts to our subscribers based on our Veera Robot signal till around noon. We encourage our subscribers to check their email until noon. We welcome your feedback and we want to continue to add features that our subscribers are interested in.

Please Note:

  1. Overall statistics will be too good if our subscribers continuously trade for at least 2 months based on Robot Alerts!!
  2. Sometime we will have consecutive losing day depending upon market conditions, but if subscribers trade continuously for 2 months will be having great profit!!!
  3. We still assume our 50% trade will be winning trades, only 50% trades will be just ok or losing trades, but overall statistics over 2 months is just GREAT.
  4. Please feel free to send an email to this address for any of your questions!!! We will reply within 12 hours.


When you receive the alerts, the stock price might be more than 1% -3% of strategy Price that is expected. It is because of lot of buyers on it. As long as it is above strategy price you are good to buy. Once you buy, if it goes down still we advise to hold till tomorrow morning. 

Before buying if alerted stock trades below strategy price price, we request you to ignore that. We always over night hold. Most of the time the alerted stock will go up unless market severely tank next day. No Matter what we will come out before 9 AM next day. 


Important Tips:

 The stock price should be above the trigger price when you buy else ignore for long positions.

  1. The stock price should be below the trigger price when you sell short else ignore for short positions.
  2. Please do not put all your money in a single stock. Please pick and buy at least 2-3 stocks from our list so that risk will be distributed.
  3. Please keep your stop-loss price to yesterday’s low price of that stock.
  4. We suggest keeping with a strict 8% stop loss at any given point of time.


We suggest to follow the below exit rules:

 If you are Day Trader:

  1. If you reach your profit target (Preferable 3-5%), we suggest booking profit immediately and move on to the next trade.
  2. If it did not reach your profit target, come out at 3:45 PM EST on the same day.
  3. Please strictly follow the above stop-loss rules to protect your capital.



 If you are Overnight hold – Trader: (ROBOT FOLLOWS OVERNIGHT HOLD)

  1. We suggest selling your position on the next market day at 10:00 AM EST.  Most of the time our Robot will exit our trades here.
  2. Please keep your stop-loss price to yesterday’s low price of that stock.
  3. Please strictly follow the above stop-loss rules to protect your capital.
  4. If the stock price goes below Strategy price next day of entry, we advise subscribers to come out to protect your capital. We usually hold even if it goes below Strategy price.

Please feel free to ask questions to at any time and we will do our best to answer them. As we are not registered representatives we cannot give specific advice on trades but can email our views. We hope you enjoy Robotic Tweet and feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.